Inetolgift Sdn. Bhd.

  • Client: Inetolgift Sdn. Bhd.
  • Project type: Office
  • Sq ft: circa 1,050 sqft
  • Project Value: Confidental
  • Services: Furniture Planning, Interior Design, Project Coordination


At the beginning of the project a sketch won’t help things much, a project is usually too complex to summarize well in a sketch. This idea of an architect sketching out the vision for a project in seconds is not realistic, there’s far too many people involved and too many aspects to consider in the majority of projects for one person to visualize the whole thing immediately. but a sketch is a useful tool to clarify things quickly – for yourself and for collaborators or clients – it’s a very effective way of communicating what you have in your head and moving things forward.

Whiteness allows the architectural ideas to be understood most clearly—the difference between opacity and transparency, solid and void, structure and surface. These things are more perceptible in a white environment. They have a greater clarity.


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