Stunning Facts About La Sagrada Familia

The magnificent La Sagrada Família is a must-see for any tourist passing through Barcelona. The towering, still-under-construction basilica is beloved architect Antoni Gaudí’s most celebrated work. This building of this ornamental wonder began in 1882 and is currently ongoing even till today in the 21st century.

It is also listed as the most visited monument in Spain, welcoming more than three million visitors each year, La Sagrada Família is still very much a place of worship, so much that Pope Benedict XVI consecrated the church in 2010. The Temple holds Sunday mass once every couple of months, and there are special visiting hours for The Chapel of the Holy Sacrament and Penitence, which is reserved for prayer.

La Sagrada Família and its intricate and fascinating design, or as part of a holy pilgrimage, it is truly a wonder to behold and preserve for the future generations. There’s an authority report saying that La Sagrada Família will take longer to complete than the Egyptian pyramids. It was started in 1882 and is hoped to be completed in 2026 (the centennial of Antoni Gaudí’s death), but some believes it might not be finished until as late as 2040.

There is endless natural symbolism within La Sagrada Família with the swirling curves of nature. The interior structure is supported by large pillars that look like trees. One pillar has a turtle at its base, and another a tortoise in order to show the balance between land and sea.


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