Spectacular Rooms With Marble Walls

Ready for another design-inspired escape?! Today we shine the spotlight on 10 glossy rooms that feature marble walls. Many of these spaces also include marble flooring. “Opulence” is the word today, but there’s also an element of modern style here that needs to be acknowledged. The result: beautifully designed rooms that are both decadent and clean-lined. Not to mention, free of unnecessary clutter. May they inspire you in your own decorating endeavors…Enjoy!

Kitchens with Marble Walls

The most popular destinations for marble walls: fresh spaces that aspire to a clean, crisp look. It’s no wonder so many kitchens opt for marble surroundings! This culinary space from Arent & Pyke blends the cool tone of marble with warm touches, such as the island top crafted of wood and the metal pendant lights:

Bathrooms with Marble Walls

Many modern bathrooms also strive for a clean, uncluttered look, so marble is often a natural choice for these tranquil rooms. Yet forget about the palatial, ornate vibe that marble was once used to conjure. Now it’s all about a fresh, sleek look, and there’s no better example than the London bathroom below, which features an abundance of Nero Antico marble.


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